About Me

I, Jerrika L. Waller, am a Pisces and an editor. I am currently an editor in the Class Report Office at the Harvard Alumni Association, where my teammates and I are responsible for the production of Harvard Class Reportsbooks of alumni-submitted narratives and information that are published quinquennially for each Harvard class after they graduate. It is a dream job in so many ways, and I am really excited to develop my publishing experience in the position.

I have corrected my friends’ spelling and proofread their papers, essays, and blogs for as long as I can remember and am passionate about helping people share their individual voices. The past several years have also revealed interests in digital publishing that extend to web development, social media management, design, and visual media. I have written creative nonfiction, articles for an online news source, and some unfinished fiction projects that are floating around in various notebooks and files. I perform best in dynamic positions that challenge and teach me, and I love chances to try a little of everything. Relationships are important to me personally and professionally, and I seek communities that similarly value meaningful and productive interactions rooted in trust and effective communication.

In my personal life, I enjoy single-player video games, hanging out with and posting pictures of my beautiful cats, and (pre-COVID) managing a shockingly full social schedule considering I am, and have always been, an awkward doofus. I am allegedly “sarcastic,” which I’m sure is a direct result of British media and a wry family culture.

An incredibly out-of-date but more in-depth personal profile on me is here.

My digital portfolio is here.

If you’re so inclined, please get in touch!