Jerrika Wallflower

Random bits of writing from over the years.


Dear Mommy, I’ve been at a bit of a loss on what to give you to commemorate your retirement, and although I’m not sure I’ll be satisfied with this either, I decided to go with what I do best (I think, anyway): words. I’d have liked to maybe read this out at your ceremony or… Continue reading Tricennial

Dark as Night

I’m as much of a western European mutt as one could possibly be, but the features which have manifested most prominently in my appearance seem to be Norwegian and Italian–I’m tall, super sturdy, and have barely olive skin and generally dark hair. In most ways, this works for me; you can always tell I have… Continue reading Dark as Night

Thoughts on TWD’s Andrea

I passionately pursue uninfluenced first impressions of almost any shows, books, movies, or art that I experience, to the point that I sometimes avoid movie trailers for fear of “spoilers.” I also watch/read/see most shows, books, movies, and art well after it’s released, during which time people take the opportunity to consume, review, and discuss… Continue reading Thoughts on TWD’s Andrea


In my biography post, I mentioned my cat who stays inside. I knew at the time that this subtle acknowledgement was not a fair representation of her, and it has been eating at me. Therefore, we shall now celebrate my cat exclusively in this blog post. This magnificent creature is Samhain. Samhain (pronounced SOW-in) is… Continue reading Cat-tale