Image of plain cooked spaghetti on a white plate

Non Finito Spaghetti

Non Finito Spaghetti is a project designed to explore the reasons why people do and don’t get things done. I created it in 2013 for a school assignment, and have “maintained” it with varying levels of neglect and attention.

The site is a forum to report, discuss, and analyze the finished and, importantly, the unfinished work of different people who began different things in different times and places. I also use Non Finito Spaghetti as a platform for people to submit challenges to me that I must complete within an assigned time-frame. I’m using the blog this way in an attempt to generate some personal productivity and hopefully kick some of my incompletion habits.

In the video below you can watch me mumble an explanation for my motivation for this project and why I named it Non Finito Spaghetti. Enjoy?